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Horse Boarding

Horse Boarding

Horse Boarding in Greenville

We offer stall board and pasture board.

Stall board is $370 per month and includes the following:

  • Your horse‚Äôs own private stall
    • In cold months, the horses come in at night and stay out during the day. In the warmer months, the schedule is opposite.
  • Grain and hay are fed twice daily

Pasture board is $250 per month and includes the following:

  • Grain is fed one per day
  • Hay is always available in the pasture

This is included for all horses we board:

  • We take care of your horse like we do our own. Every day, we look for any signs of illness or injury and notify the owner immediately. If no contact can be made, we take the necessary actions
  • Blanket servicing.
  • We have relationships with a wide variety of vets, farriers, horse dentists and even chiropractors.

Horse Boarding in Greenville

  • Stall Board: $370/month
  • Pasture Board: $250/month

Download Your Official Boarding Contract Here
Download your boarding contract here and print it at home. Once you have completed the form in its entirety, you can simply bring it with you to Solid Rock Stables to help speed the process along.

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