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A Relief For You
A Family For Your Horse

Solid Rock Stables Solid Rock Stables
Horse Back Riding


We have folks come to use with a variety of backgrounds in riding experience. Whatever your goals are, we can help

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Horse Boarding in Greenville SC


We offer stall board and pasture board meanwhile we take care of your horse like we do our very own.

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Your horse can expect five star service and care from a staff that is dedicated to the well being of your horse.

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Solid Rock Stables Is Family

Solid Rock Stables Is A Family

It's easy to build amazing relationships, with the people we work with.

Postive Testimonial

Not only does Solid Rock Stables give us affordable pricing and personal care...

“But they also look after my horse, Smokie as if he was their own. Thank You Solid Rock!“

Rebecca Jonesmith

Postive Testimonial

My daughter has grown into one heck of a rider thanks to the staff at Solid Rock Stables.

“She not only taught her HOW to ride, but how to connect with the horses.“

Kevin Lawsoner

"A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves — strong, powerful, beautiful.
It has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence"
~ Pam Brown